All other costumes Measurement Chart
Body Form
Please download the body form and then enter all of the following information (measurements in inches please):
Full Name
Dress Size
A (Full Girth)
B (Half Girth)
C (Bikini Girth)
D (over bust, under arm)
E (Bust and Body)
F (diaphragm)
G (waist around body)
H (waist to hip bone)
I (upper hip & body)
J (lower hip largest)
K (nipple to nipple)
N (back nape to waist)
T (around top thigh knicker line)
L (shoulder to shoulder)
M (under arm to waist)
S (shoulder to waist)
U (waist to Knee)
UU waist to desired length
W (inside length to knee)
X (inside length to ground)
Y (outside sleeve to wrist)
Z (inside sleeve to wrist)
Around wrist
Around top arm
Ear to ear
Around head (above ear)
Your email address
Please take great care when entering measurements as I cannot be held responsible for erroneous submissions.

​If you are in any doubt whatsoever then please contact me on
​0755 122 1443.
Terms and Conditions:

A £50 deposit is required for each costume ordered before any work will commence.

The balace in full on all orders shall become payable when the order is completed but before the order is dispatched.  I will advise when the payment is due and will ship the order within 3 working days of receiving payment via a Royal Mail tracked service.

Returns are not accepted.  Costumes are made to the customer's measurement using the highest quality fabrics and materials.

Please be aware that Su's Tutus is a small business that relies on timely payments from clients.